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The main thing I will always remember volunteering with Dream BIG Ghana is the people and the staff at Meet Me There Lodge, the teachers and the children at the school.  I’ve had an amazing experience and it feels like everything I did was greatly appreciated!  I found the teaching really rewarding and was blown away by my leaving celebration at the school! Thanks so much, Megan x

Megan Livingstone, New Zealand



Building the compost toilets has been an education in the trade of construction but also in getting to know the local culture in its colourful richness! Building a toilet for the family was so rewarding as we have made a massive difference to their lives and their children to come. I want to thank our site manager Christian who has been a great teacher and a great friend.  I look forward to returning next year and hope Dream BIG Ghana continues to blossom!

Lukas Lee, London
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Staying at Meet Me There Lodge is amazing, it feels like a big family and I felt at home quickly. The compost toilet project was a lot of hard work but completing the project felt amazing and so rewarding. I think volunteering with Dream BIG Ghana was one of the best experiences of my life and I will be returning!! I love you, OLIXXXX

Oli Creasey, London



I loved staying at Meet Me There and am gutted to be leaving. All the staff are really welcoming and it has been great getting to know them and Ghanaian life. Working at the school was amazing and it was really
nice to see how appreciative everyone was. I’ve really enjoyed being here and am astonished at how much I have gained from the experience. I have made some great friends!! Keep in touch, Becki

Becki Aldridge, Essex





Volunteering in this community is an enriching experience and a great way of getting to see how life is in rural Ghana. The people are amazingly friendly and welcoming and the staff are fantastic.  An amazing experience! Northern love, Justin

Justin Yorke, Newcastle



Excellent time, brilliant people and a fantastic cause.  Will definitely be returning.

Andrew Dales
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James Driftfield_cropped

I had an absolutely awesome time from beginning to end both working on my project and out side of my project getting to know the locals and the Ghanaian way of life. I’ve made some lifelong friends and some lifelong memories. The compost toilet project was brilliant fun working along side an absolute legend Christian.  Will definitely be returning!! Love Jim Jimx

James Drifield, Bath






School Trip Testimonials


"MMT is definitely the best school trip I’ve ever been on. You get to enjoy nature and African life in the funnest ways possible. I would honestly recommend this place to anyone."

Rhudi Darko Student, Lincoln High School


"I really love Meet Me There Lodge and if I get the chance to come back I will."

Victoria Student, Lincoln High School


"Meet Me There is a perfect location to take a group of students.  It offers opportunities to participate in well run community service projects while balancing that with the feeling of getting a vacation and having fun by the beach.  Logistically it makes sense because once you are there, the transitions are easy and everything is in either walking, biking or a short car ride distance.  Most importantly is the experiences that students have working side by side with the local community members, providing an opportunity to forge deep insights and make significant impacts on young people's sense of respect for those whose lives are different and on the fragile environment in which we live."

Karen Hansen, School Counsellor, Lincoln Community International School


"Working with the Meet Me There staff was easy, it was fun and it was rewarding. They inpsire a sense of exploration and fun, while maintaining a clear bottom line of safety for everyone.  They planned with us to shape the trip that we wanted and in the end we were able to meet every educational and social/emotional objective for the trip.  I've been doing these kinds of educational trips with kids both at home in California and around the world for over twenty years and my time at Meet Me There ranks alongside the best of them."

Dan Tonnesen Teacher, Lincoln Community International School


"When we visited MMT for our school trip, we knew we could expect enthusiastic, creative and competent hosts in the MMT staff. They were that and more!  Guiding our students in community service and learning projects that ranged from art lessons with a local school to building compost toilets to learning the history of the slave trade in the region.  MMT staff engaged and challenged our 13 year olds at every moment.  Add to the program a lovely setting with plenty of opportunity for leisure activity and you have a perfect site for a school trip.  Thanks Dougal and staff for making our trip a success!"

Marissa Dietrich